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A Musical Journey

This is a picture of us performing live for a Mardi Gras event. We are all playing our instruments (trombone, saxophone, trumpet, sousaphone) in this photo.
This is a group picture after a July 4th parade. We are wearing marching t shirts and holding our instruments.

Flora's Fanfare is an all-women's brass band based in New York City that has been entertaining audiences since 2020 with their unique sound and dynamic performances.


The band was founded  by Jessica Stanley, a tuba and euphonium player who wanted to create a space for women to showcase their musical talent and empower them in a male-dominated industry. She had always been passionate about music and started playing the euphonium when she was just a young girl growing up in Connecticut.


As a teenager, she played in various bands and orchestras, but she often found herself being the only girl in the group. She noticed that women were underrepresented in the brass music scene and wanted to change that. So, she put out a call for female brass players in the city and soon enough, Flora's Fanfare (originally New Heights Brass Band) was born.


The band started out with just a handful of members, but as word got out about their unique sound and engaging performances, more and more women joined the group. Today, Flora's Fanfare boasts a diverse group of talented musicians who play a range of brass instruments, including trumpets, trombones, saxophone and tuba.


Over the years, Flora's Fanfare has performed at numerous events and venues throughout the city, including parades, festivals, and concerts. They have also collaborated with other musicians and artists, such as dancers, to create immersive performances that engage all the senses.


Flora's Fanfare is not just a band, but a community of women who support and inspire each other. They regularly teach to share their knowledge and skills with other musicians and aspiring brass players. They also mentor young girls who are interested in playing brass instruments and encourage them to pursue their passions.


Flora's Fanfare is a testament to the power of women and the transformative nature of music. They continue to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes in the brass music scene, inspiring a new generation of female musicians to take up their instruments and make their voices heard.

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